Replanting the rainforest

enveo create products with statements. Statements saying that sustainable thinking can be united with the industrial world we live in. By using the most sustainable materials available and supporting the environmental organization Forests of the World, we are taking a step towards the right direction minimizing our environmental footprint and restoring resources along the way.  


By each sold product, enveo reforests the world
enveo products are designed with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility and solutions, that is why each time an enveo product is sold we contribute to reforestation projects across the world.
The project we are currently supporting is a reforestation project in Honduras, where the goal is to recreate the rainforest

Every 2 seconds a tropical forest, with the size of a football field, vanishes


Enveo believe it is important to be aware of the impact we have as a company and we believe, that we as individuals have a responsibility and the power to make a choice about the world we want to live in, by the products we buy.
Forests of the World has been working for more than 25 years to promote sustainable use of the world’s forests and to preserve forest resources for the benefit of nature and the local and global communities alike.
Forests of the World focus their effort on giving the indigenous and local forest-communities rights to their forest - for if the people who truly depend on the forest and who live in and of the forest, receives the rights, then the rainforest will still stand years to come.