about enveo

The story behind the name enveo is derived from a combination of the Latin expressions: en!, promoveo, comoveo and moveo. The expressions have slightly different meanings, but they overall concern the ability to move forward, push boundaries, advance, innovate and excite. In short 'enveo', meaning 'watch and be amazed'. These expressions encapsulate our own personal values and the philosophy of how we believe a company should be managed.


Our mission is to create and design aesthetic, functional and sustainable interior products inspired by the Nordic design tradition, both to your home and office.


We are a Danish interior manufacturer loving aesthetic, functional and sustainable design, with that in mind, we started enveo, a company with a conscience. We believe that with our core values as a focus area and design as our passion we can develop truly innovative products. 
Our three core values create the foundation of how we design and assist us to steer and operate enveo in a daily context. Our core values are symbolized in our logo by the three leaves, where they constantly remind us about our vision and therefore, we will always strive to live up to these values and cherish them. 
We believe that our three core values are the hallmarks of good design.
Good design addresses both the exterior aesthetic, how design works in usage situations and what materials are used to illustrate the design itself. 


The aesthetics

Our aesthetic inspiration is derived from the Nordic design tradition, where the use of feminine wood types merged with more heavy masculine materials create a harmonious and stylish balance. We believe design should be honest, soft and natural - we do not hide our materials - we highlight them.

The functionality

We believe that functionality and durability are essential to good design, where versatility is the key factor that increases the products lifetime. Our design is also able to exist in harmonious interaction with the environment in your home or office and at the same time stand out. This approach to functionality also helps to increase sustainability.

The sustainability

We strive to apply the most sustainable material, which is available, in relation to the expression of the design. Much of our sustainability lies in the functionality and versatility of our design. By having a functionalist and sustainable approach to design, we try to poke at the consumer culture and eliminate the "throw-away-and-buy-new-stuff" philosophy. In this way we try to do our part to conserve resources.