Nordic Buzz fair + mentor reveal

by Morten Bengtsen June 25, 2015

For not that long ago we got chosen to participate in Nordic Buzz.  

Nordic Buzz is an event for entrepreneurs in the creative industries. We have been chosen from a group of young creative entrepreneurs from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, where we will exhibit our products and concepts on the Formland fair in Herning the 13-16th of August.

The purpose of Nordic Buzz is to get Nordic creative entrepreneurs "on track" via matchmaking with professional buyers, exhibitors and other Nordic entrepreneurs. As participants we receive a free exhibition stand at 6 m2, which will be integrated in a common area with all the other Nordic Buzz participants. There will also be an common area, which can be used as a meeting place, networking, knowledge sharing, events, etc.  at the fair. 

Furthermore we have received at mentor, which will ensure that we have consider our preparation throughly, our professional appearance during the fair and follow-up of contacts afterwards. We feel privileged to receive Øivind Slaato as a mentor. Øivind has for example designed the extremely beautiful Beoplay A9 speaker for B&O, so we have received an exciting mentor and we really look forward to the collaboration.

Morten Bengtsen
Morten Bengtsen


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