A new dawn

by Anders Skjoldemose February 24, 2015

Guys, girls and all in between that might have an interest in what we're up to - keep reading.

It has been a while since our last blog/update but rest easy, it is not because we have forgotten about you. We've simply been trying to source bits and parts for the Acorn dock from all over the World, in order to ship out the first 100 units not too long from now.

It might sound like a simple task, but it is not. There are so many factors that has to be taken into regard: Price, quality, materials, shipping, taxes... You name it.

It turns out that the complexity of the dock makes it a bit tricky to reach a production cost that will make this a feasible business for us. So for now we will focus on getting a product to the market and then, through bulk, hopefully reach better prices later on. But we think you should know; our main focus is you guys - you deserve to see a product soon!

Anders Skjoldemose
Anders Skjoldemose