Kebony - the sustainable hardwood

by Morten Bengtsen May 23, 2014

This blog post is going to concern the unique innovative material our Acorn dock is developed from, Kebony.

“Kebony is based on a process where sustainable wood is made more durable, harder and more stable using liquids from bio waste material” source Kebony

The above-mentioned process is called “Kebonization”, and it’s in this process, Kebony gains its unique dark glow that resembles the appearance of teak. Kebony is a highly sustainable alternative to endangered hardwoods. The video below explains the process further.


Some quick facts about Kebony

  • Kebony is highly durable and has a longer lifecycle than other types of wood and thereby locking CO2 seven times longer than untreated wood.
  • Consulting firm Bergfald & Co have concluded that Kebony has a substantially lower carbon footprint than unsustainably logged Burmese teak and Brazilian ipê
  • Kebony is FSC-/PEFC-certified and has for example received the Nordic eco label, The Swan eco-label, among some.
  • Only sustainable harvested wood are applied in the production of Kebony wood.

The sustainable- and environmental-friendly approach of Kebony corresponds perfectly with our visions and values. Acorns materials and design is a tribute to the nordic way of living. With Acorns curvy and sleek design the dock promotes the unique dark glow of Kebony, which is further empowered by the light and bright Nordic interior decor mentality - a perfect match. 

Morten & Anders

Morten Bengtsen
Morten Bengtsen


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