Highlights of the week

by Morten Bengtsen May 02, 2014

Another week, another blog post.

Tuesday we had an exciting meeting with Esko, here in Aalborg, concerning the production of our Acorn Dock in aluminum. They had a lot of awesome feedback and suggestions on how to modify the technicalities of the drawing and design, ensuring a smoother production process, without any loss on the aesthetic and functional design. 

We have also been working on our very first newsletter ever, using MailChimp as the platform. MailChimp is very intuitive and effective tool both to manage and design email campaigns, so if you’re on the lookout for an email-marketing platform, we recommend MailChimp. Our first newsletter is a short one, mainly covering the launch of our website, but in the future newsletters we are going to cover many inspiring topics we deal with in our pursuit to be entrepreneurs. So instead of checking our site daily (we know you do), sign-up and receive the latest news in your inbox.

Furthermore we have this week been at an inspirational morning meeting at UCN concerning communication and leadership. An inspirational meeting which gave us some tools we can apply when we brand enveo on the different social platforms.

Saving the best news for last, the big news is that Ideaal has finished the technical drawings, so now the next step is to set the prototype process in motion, of our beloved Acorn dock.  

Morten & Anders

Morten Bengtsen
Morten Bengtsen


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