Our designing times in “Etableringsordningen” is over

by Morten Bengtsen April 24, 2014

A day for some time ago in august we took our very first baby step towards being entrepreneurs - young and naïve full of confidence and hope.

Yesterday was the last day in “Etableringsordningen”, so it was kind of strange being done with this course. (Etableringsordningen is a program for entrepreneurs in Northern Jutland with particularly promising and innovative business ideas)

It has been a wonderful ride, where we have learned countless things and gained priceless experience, new friends and a ton of tools we will apply in our company the future.

So what now?

The good folk at Ideaal are working on finishing the last innovative details on the technical drawings for our Acorn dock. When they are finished the next step is then to create prototypes of our Acorn dock and test and validate them. Depending on the functionality and aesthetics of the prototypes, we will fine-tune the technical drawings so the quality and feeling are top-notch to match modern day interior.

Exciting times lie ahead.

Morten & Anders

Morten Bengtsen
Morten Bengtsen


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